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Lean UX and Design sprints are two widely used UX methods that aim to address design challenges.   I've run workshops using both methodologies and find combining the practices results in stronger outcomes as opposed to running them independently. 

Lean UX

This is the approach of validating product ideas in the leanest possible way. The idea comes from Jeff Gothelf's book Lean UX. It follows a Build + Test + Learn approach.

Design Sprints

This is based on the book Design Sprints by Jake Knapp. Jake Knapp worked at Google Ventures where he created this approach. It follows the unpack + ideate + evaluate + test + refine pattern approach.

I run workshops with business teams, but when I create new products or services like the ones below, I use the Blue Ocean strategy with lean UX.  With the Blue Ocean's 4-strategy framework, I look for opportunities to Raise, Eliminate, Create and Reduce.

ADT Health Reinvention

The CEO of ADT asked "why do people call us dinosaures?" When the CEO asks this question you're business is in turmoil. To help illustrate that ADT is sitting on an untapped market I created a design plan to leverage Amazon's network of Alexa devices to monitor and manage seniors aging in place.


A new smart watch partner was sourced to integrate health monitoring services.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 11.04.24

Where will Pulse be in 2030?

In 2016, I ran a visioning workshop with the product group to help predict where the Pulse Security app would evolve into.

Four teams of five team members were challenged to dream where Pulse would be by 2030 and the consistency of solutions forecasted that Pulse would move beyond residential security into cybersecurity. Mckinsey & Company told them the same thing!

The Cover Story: Gamestorming tool was the workshop template.


ADT has now added cybersecurity as a new residential service.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 11.15.47

Smart Pepper Spray Device

The idea to upgrade pepper spray started with my wife using her keys as a weapon while she ran. For over 40 years pepper spray remained unchanged. The goal for STRYKR was to offer a direct connection to 911 services through bluetooth and gps. The project was shelved as the root cause to violence and abuse is the lack of love in the world. The world doesn't need another self-defense device.


This was a lesson in what not to. The true problem is the lack of love and empathy children are given by parents and society. The real solution is recultivating a society grounded in love for all beings. Solving this starts with loving yourself.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.11.01

Redbox Group Vote Feature

As manager of the UX Research team we conducted in-home interviews and watch-alongs. A watch-along is a research method of observing families watching a movie together. 


One insight we discovered are movies are selected through group decision making when the majority of movie watchers are at home. It was never designed but I had an itching to UX it! The "Group Pix" enables a group of friends or family members to vote on titles to watch together.


I posted the wires on Linkedin asking my network to "like" it to gauge the worth of the feature. Twelve people responded, not a huge success, but better than nothing.

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