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Hi, I'm Andy. Nice to meet you.

I’m a founding employee and Director of Design at QuillBot where we make writing painless for the world. We built and grew QuillBot to over 30 mm monthly users worldwide, and helped grow the business from a couple hundred thousand to over $15 mm ARR before being acquired by Course Hero. But our adventure isn't over. I'm leading a talented group of product designers, researchers, and content writers and crafting QuillBot's next-generation writing tools using QuillBot's own AI models in combination with ChaptGPT. We're scaling QuillBot to thousands of more writers, and continue to build new and innovative solutions for the AI communications industry.

Before QuillBot I was a design consultant leading projects for fortune 500, midsize and startup companies. Prior to that, I scaled the design and research teams at Redbox. Partnering with IDEO I designed the original shopping experience for the web, app, and kiosk experience. I also contributed to redesigning the kiosk experiences for Redbox's innovation group.

I started an AI company in 2013 helping entrepreneurs level their skills and folded it in 2015 due to technology constraints. I've advised early-stage startups, mentored teams in tech accelerators, and spoke at various events.

In 2023 I launched Pedal's, a cycling marketplace app on iOS and Android to buy and sell high-quality bikes and cycling gear locally. We're currently integrating products from Ebay and Amazon to organize the world's bikes, gear, apparel and parts.
When not working, I'm hanging out with family, riding with the TLEN cycling club, and practicing Ashtanga yoga.

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