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Throughout my years of professional practice and continuous learning, a few fundamental principles have emerged that define much of my philosophy, work and actions.

Always reach for the stars.


"Technology is designed to enrich the lives for people that ultimately results in happier lives."

Start with the end user in mind
Communicate design in the vernacular of global business
Build teams with diverse perspectives
Learn from the disciplines around you and use their language
Start with first principles by asking why
Get outside to meet customers
Fall in love with customers
Design for connected emotional systems
Tell strategy stories that businesses celebrate
Love data and in the absence of data, go get it
Use technology to change the world
Let process guide but not dictate
Plan for brainstorms
Strive for simplicity then simplify it more
Maintain a pipeline of experimentation and innovation
Create, test, fail, learn, repeat
Find blue oceans
Learn from nature, respect nature
Bold ideas attract team members and investors
Solve other people's pain points not your own
Jump on opportunities that suddenly appear
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