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User Experience Design


My process is built on an unwavering focus on the art and science of user experience design. I'm passionate about creating smart, efficient digital experiences that people just don't love but can't stop talking about.

User Research

I conduct in-depth ethnographic studies and heuristic analysis to undercover the behaviors, desires and needs of users. Not only does this uncover larger, previously unseen opportunities, but it also helps in focusing the scope of the project.


Ideation and Exploration

I'm experienced conducting and facilitating brainstorms and all types of workshops to discover ideas.

Competitor Analysis
A comprehensive understanding of competing organizations and products, industry trends, technology differentiators and digital best practices is essential to your strategy in optimizing a product for the market.

This is my bread and butter. I develop the UX strategy and design wires that connect the strategy to the real world.

Rapid Prototyping

This step in the process makes wireframes and comps live and interactive. I use Axure or Sketch to make simple or complex prototypes to test with users. The more testing occurs the closer product-market-fit is achieved. 

Usability Testing

Before any product is released for an alpha, beta or launched live to the public, all experiences are tested with real customers, ensuring that the product meets stakeholder satisfaction.



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